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28th June 2024

We had 7 Club members and one guest attend the above event. They were Keith Allison, Peter Aldridge, John Goldie , Bob Sharp, John Poote plus guest John , Mark Robson and Steve Harding.

The weather on the few days before had been very hot. Today it was 16 or 17 degrees with a decent breeze. John P took the temperature of the water and it was 20 degrees , so warmer than the ambient temperature. This was not good news as the fish did not play ball .It was a bit like watching England play football!


Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 14.56.33.png

By lunch time , Bob had hooked and lost one on a daddy long legs very early on. The rest of us had not had a touch except for John P who had one on a di7 near the dam on a sunburst blob. At lunch we discussed more tactics , but to no avail , except John P’s guest had one and John G had one almighty pull on his line with nothing to show.


The highlight on Keith and Mark’s boat was Mark getting a double hook up of 2 perch . Also when pulling the anchor up a length of braided line was pulled in and it had a crayfish attached ( see photo)!

We had tried floater, intermediates,  di 3 , di 5 , di 7 , fast glass , sink tips and had 2 fish between us. Even the locals went home lunch time fishless.


We adjourned to the pub for a pint and a meal and blamed it on the weather , as all good fisherman do. Let’s hope for a cold spell now and sometight lines on our next trip.


Keith Allison

Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 10.05.41.png
Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 10.05.57.png
One of our new members Joshua Wong had a day on the water fishing for Trout and Grayling.
unexpected Bonus! Well done Josh
On tow.jpeg



Our annual Club week was well attended this year. The following Members made the journey: Keith Allison; Kelvin Briton (Guest); Geoff Darby; Alison Fenn; Stuart Foulds; John Gamon; John Goldie; Steve Harding; Steve Orton; John Poote; Peter Proctor; Mark Robson; Mark Worthington.

Whilst the weather was a tad on the cold side we all managed to catch fish. The average temperature was 12 or 13 degrees with sunny spells. The last day however was the most challenging with 9 or 10 degrees, swirling winds and some serious rain showers!

Car park.jpeg
Steve o.jpeg
JP home.jpeg

The fish however did play ball and we caught 182 fish over the three days. This was a split as 80 first day, 34 the second and 68 on the last. The fish came to black half hogs, boobys, Belgian crunchers, blue and red diawl bachs , small black and green lures and would you believe squirmy wormys under the bung! 

Mark Rob.jpeg
John G.jpeg

The styles of fishing were using floating lines, sink tips and intermediates. I don’t think anyone went on the real dark side using di7, however a snake was used in desperation on the last day! We all hooked and lost fish as is the way of fishing.


John Poote and partner were unfortunate in that their engine failed and had to be towed back to base by one of the Rangers no air sea rescue required!

Break down.jpeg
On tow.jpeg

The Blue Bell Inn yet again gave full value for money and the Butty Bach beer proved popular. A big thank you must go to Mark Robson for all his organisational skills in making this an enjoyable week. 

We all look forward to our next extravaganza. One of these days we may actually get good weather for all three days and who knows how many fish we may hook.

Keith Allison

to our latest member
Joshua Wong
on achieving the


Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 11.26.21.png

Friday 20 September 
Followed by Pub Meal

Mark Robson for details

Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.00.28.png



We had 9 club members fish the above and we were blessed with good weather even though the local forecast stated it would rain all afternoon with possible thunder storms! 


Sausage baps with tea or coffee for breakfast set us up for a good morning’s fishing which saw us all hook fish. Most used floating lines with buzzers and diawl bachs.

Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.01.54.png
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.01.37.png

John Poote decided on a slow 12ft sink tip line and this seemed to do the trick as at lunch time he had 10 fish in the net, one being a 3.5lb brownie and a few more fish dropped. Martin James decided to fish dries, a brave man, but Tringford fish have not really switched onto dries yet, even though there was a good buzzer hatch so one wouid think emergers would work.

Bob Sharp and Keith Allison were next contenders with 4 fish each. A lot of fish were hooked but didn’t make the net as they did put up a good fight.

Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.02.35.png
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.02.49.png
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.01.00.png
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.02.12.png
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 13.01.21.png

Mark Robson and
John Poote on Farmoor
18th April 2024


We arrived good and early due to the shortened fishing day.  A bit brisk for April, only 5 deg with a light north wind but clear skies.  I was glad of the new bib n brace from this year's sales. There were about half a dozen boats but there wasn’t a concensus of where to start. There weren’t any fish showing but a lot of buzzers hatching, so we headed out to the tower and gentle drift across the middle and round a couple of times. We picked up an odd fish but nothing regular. Spooning a fish they were on small buzzers and soon a pattern began to emerge of what was catching  - small olive buzzers.

The wind was dropping and preparing to change direction to the west. A change of tactic - tying up to one of the buoys mid way on the causeway and fishing into the wall. The fishing started to pick up. John had the right setup - anchor tip and free lining 4 buzzers.  I quickly joined in and the catch rate was starting to increase. As the wind direction steadily moved more westerly we had to get off the buoy and anchor in closer to hold our casting line along the wall. circulating up the wall and it became common for us both to have a fish on at the same time, resulting in a bit of ballet in the boat on occasion when fish ran and lines crossed.John might have regretted his 3 olive buzzers after the third double hookup, but we got them all in, even managing to handline in one when his previous rod repair gave in under the strain. At the end of the (short) day with a 4 o’clock finish we had 34 to the boat.Some great sport and hardly time to eat the sandwiches we had brought. A recce mission to the pub for the May club day, accompanied by a swift half of course, and the day was finally done.

Mark Robson

Thursday 23rd November Excellent Workshop Led by John Poote

Theme Beginners and Improvers: but we all leant something new during the course of the evening. Very social occasion with Tea/Coffee and chocolate biscuits by Bob and Tony thank you.

WS 01.jpg
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